Hive Time

v1.1-30 changelog

Buzz buzz!

Today's update includes an engine upgrade and a number of other small fixes.

With Godot 3.2.2 released a couple of days ago, I wanted to get a build out as quickly as possible, as this engine update contains some fixes that address issues that could be caused by "dangling variants" - a situation where Godot's internal object reference allocator could get a bit confused and return references to objects other than the one asked for.

I'd spotted this a few times during development, but had always viewed it as likely being a debugging issue. While working on Supply Chain, I managed to get a better understanding of what exactly was going on and when I went to lodge a bug, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the issue had recently been addressed (thanks RandomShaper!).

I am strongly suspecting that this has been resulting in one off/unreproduceable crashes every now and again out in the wild, and I'm hoping that this patch results in a more stable experience for affected players.

Also included in the engine update is a fix that addresses some mouse cursor problems that had been reported on Windows and MacOS, which have allowed me to bring those platforms in line with Linux for cursor behaviour when panning. This also addresses a situation where Windows users could experience a disappearing cursor after panning.

There are a bunch of minor fixes for the game itself that include addressing issues with Queen portrait randomisation, making the hive transition animation consistent, fixing some missing tooltips, and preventing the "Mouse over bees to inspect" prompt from being cleared when leaving Inspect Mode via Escape.

Last, but not least, there's a new keyboard shortcuts for players who would like to bypass the radial menus and directly open a cell's management screen (for example, holding this shortcut when interacting with a Nursery will bring up the Population screen). The default binding for this is Control, but like all bindings, can be customised from the Controls Menu.


Full changelog:

  • Added delay to start new game so that instantiation occurs after menu tile has flipped
  • Added cursor position restore after panning for Mac and Windows (upstream #37103 fixed in Godot 3.2.2)
  • Added activate_cell_screen binding option that bypasses radial menus for cells when held and opens the most relevant management screen for that cell (does nothing for non-upgraded throne rooms, empty cells, or exits)
  • Optimised keyboard pan tweening slightly
  • Upgraded to Godot 3.2.2
  • Fixed reminder bees not repositioning on viewport size change
  • Fixed close up of portrait_08 not displaying
  • Fixed non-displaying character in bee name
  • Fixed queen portrait list not being shuffled after randomising RNG seed
  • Fixed portrait duplication prevention not behaving as expected
  • Fixed portrait duplication prevention not being used after loading a save
  • Fixed horizontal hive transition effects facing the wrong direction
  • Fixed inspect mode prompts lingering when leaving inspect mode using Escape
  • Fixed non-negative effect values for modifiers being coloured red if immediately following a negative effect value
  • Fixed some shadowed variables that weren't being picked up by the 3.2.1 parser
  • Fixed tooltips not displaying on population HUD
  • Fixed pan cursor being visible at startup
  • Fixed tooltips not displaying for binding options in controls menu
  • Fixed some shadowed variable warnings
  • Fixed possible case where inEvent flag could remain after events are closed (allowing inspect mode prompts to linger)
  • Fixed extended character not displaying in a bee name
  • Fixed cursor sometimes disappearing on Windows

v1.1-24 changelog

Greetings, fellow bee friends!

Today's update addresses the glaring omission of tooltips for settings in the main menu. When starting a new game, or visiting any of the settings screen, hovering over an item will now reveal a description of that item! The look and feel of tooltips throughout the game have also been updated.

Another item of note is the addition of a much requested master volume slider. If you're streaming and want to tweak Hive Time's noisiness without fiddling with a bunch of sliders, or if you need to quickly quieten the game for a phone call, that's a lot simpler now.

Last but not least, I wanted to make a quick note that Hive Time is now included in the Itch Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, which has so far raised over $4 million dollars. Along with 1,500+ other games and 1,000+ creators, we are supporting the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund for the next 5 days. Please consider checking it out <3


Full changelog:

  • Added tooltips to settings menus
  • Added tooltips to new game menu
  • Added tooltips to HUD values
  • Added master volume to audio settings menu
  • Added some new supporter names to credits.json
  • Added placeholder gameNode when testing main menu independently
  • Updated phrasing of 'So hot right now' vignette
  • Updated in-game tooltip theme
  • Updated skip_research tooltip
  • Refactored settings definitions
  • Fixed main menu scrollbars not scrolling to bottom
  • Fixed workshop tutorial and research tutorial showing vertical scrollbars
  • Fixed tooltips not displaying in menu (working around upstream #29362)