Hive Time

v1.1-54 changelog

Greetings, fellow bee friends!

Today's patch brings in a handful of typo fixes, and some fixes for funky positioning edge cases.

Following a bug report of Queens moving upward, I unveiled a bunch of edge cases where the vertical "pop" that Queens receive when mousing over the Throne Room could end up stacking, pushing her further and further up into the sky (or in some cases, unstacking and sending her into whatever netherworld lies below the hive). Addressing these required a little refactoring, but they were for the most part pretty straightforward to identify and resolve once I had the first repro case.

After wrapping up some work on another project, I took the time to write some code that works through the game's json files and exports relevant strings, which I was then able to run through a spell checker (something that I don't currently have any tools capable of doing for json files). I only found a couple of typos, but I'm glad to have them addressed.

While I'm not planning or committing to localisation right now, the process I went through here would likely be the kind of approach I'd use for indexing and exporting strings for localisation. The way that Hive Time's data files are set up don't currently provide a nice way of matching localised strings back up with the data that the original strings are attached to without creating entire duplicates of the game's data files, and that's not very efficient. Generating an index for every string, storing that in the data files, and then using it as a lookup in a list of localised strings is one approach that could work - though doesn't address any of Hive Time's hard coded strings (which would be easy to externalise and localise as part of normal game data) or automatic pluralisation (which would not be a whole can of worms in and of itself).

Also hiding in this patch are fixes for the existing state of the exit dots setting not being respected when loading a hive, and production facilities' paused states not being reset when starting a new game when an existing game is running.


Full changelog:

  • Added debug shortcut for dumping strings (Shift+X)
  • Updated title of 'SpoooOOOoooky' vignette
  • Refactored Queen throne popping to be independent from inspect mode popping
  • Fixed typo in production beepedia entry
  • Fixed typo in birds beepedia entry
  • Fixed typo in 'They're all asking for little badges' event
  • Fixed typo in 'A lovely breeze' vignette
  • Fixed typo in grasshopper fact 1
  • Fixed typo in snail fact 2
  • Fixed typo in Royal Decrees upgrade description
  • Fixed typo in 'We know they're in here' event
  • Fixed redundant pluralisation of Barracks in text substitutions
  • Fixed construction progress offset being calculated incorrectly for progress on non-primary cells of multi-cell rooms
  • Fixed non-fatal error when skipping the main menu using debug shortcuts
  • Fixed possible cumulative position pop occurring on Queens when rapidly toggling inspect mode
  • Fixed Queen position from popped throne cells being saved resulting in possible cumulative pop
  • Fixed non-primary scaffold popping incorrect adjacent cells in under construction multi cell rooms
  • Fixed possible cumulative unpop on Queens on under construction Throne Room Upgrades
  • Fixed Queen not loading her sitting pose under after the 'Loading zone' event is closed when loading a game
  • Fixed paused states for production facilities not being reset when starting a new game when an existing game is running
  • Fixed exit dots being displayed on loaded hives when exit dots are disabled