Hive Time

World Bee Day & v1.2-118 changelog

May 20th is World Bee Day!

To celebrate, hare's a patch that adds a bunch of new "bee facts," some new chat commands, and a whole bunch of misc tweaks and fixes!

To make it easier to track and revisit Beepedia facts, previously seen facts are now listed in the new Bee Fact List and Other Fact List pages.

It's been a bit rushed, but I've very much enjoyed researching for the new "bee facts." In particular, Scarlett Howard et al.'s work on bee numeracy​ (bee facts #33 and #34) and Sylvain Alem et al.'s work on social learning in bees​ (bee fact #41).

Chat integration has received some attention too. There are new !sleep, !work, and !conga commands. !sleep allows lurking chat users to send their bee to a peaceful sleep where they won't die of old age while away. !conga lets a chat user join a conga line and dance across the screen instead of doing their job. Finally, the !work command will send a chat user's bee back to work after sleeping or dancing.

The gift vote UI now lingers for 10 seconds after voting completes to make results easier to identify for "gifts" that don't result in an effect or activity notification.​

Last, but not least, there are several new generic vignettes and a couple of new Throne Room vignettes.


Full changelog:

  • Upgraded to Godot 3.4.4
  • Added 24 new bee facts
  • Added ACTIVITY_SLEEP to bee
  • Added isCongaHead to bee
  • Added get_conga_target() to bee
  • Added tombstone emjomjom to chat bee death message
  • Added !sleep chat command
  • Added !work chat command
  • Added !conga chat user command
  • Added IRCHandler.getBee()
  • Added IRCHandler.wakeBee()
  • Added 'A little bit of fun' generic vignette
  • Added 'A game about bees? No way!' throne vignette
  • Added substitutions for game and bee_game
  • Added .ico and .icns icons
  • Added .svg runtime icon
  • Added debug shortcut (Z) for toggling beepedia debug mode
  • Added corrections email address to beepedia fact list pages
  • Added sleep particle effect
  • Added sleep animation
  • Added conga animation
  • Added followTarget to Bee
  • Added bee_fact_list and other_fact_list bepedia topics
  • Added bee_fact_list and other_fact_list bepedia topic icons
  • Added fact list page to beepedia
  • Added saving/loading for seen beepedia facts
  • Added new fallback photo for beepedia facts
  • Added 'new' indicator to previously unseen beepedia facts
  • Added bee_move_mode system setting
  • Added NEW_RESEARCH ActivityType
  • Added ResearchMenu::mark_all_icons_as_notified()
  • Added two new generic vignettes about hats
  • Added a new throne vignette about hats
  • Added substitutions for random_hat, random_default_hat, random_hat_with_crowns, and random_crown
  • Added a new bee/queen name
  • Updated photo for bee fact 1
  • Updated photo for wasp fact 4
  • Updated 'The Feminine Monarchie' fact to be bee fact 24
  • Updated wasp fact 4 and 5 to note that discussed species are not pictured
  • Updated beepedia facts with missing images to fall back to placeholder photo
  • Updated bee fact 6 reference URL to link to paper's full text
  • Updated transition overlays to be visible at startup
  • Updated transition overlays to ignore mouse
  • Updated transition bee to ignore mouse
  • Updated gift voting UI to linger after vote ends to help make outcomes clearer
  • Updated vote UI to fade out before disappearing
  • Updated bee fact 3 to indicate that perdita minima is not pictured
  • Updated bee facts 4 and 5 to indicate that megachile pluto is not pictured
  • Updated bee fact 12 to use a photo where ocelli are visible
  • Updated bee fact 13 to use a photo that better shows the proboscis
  • Updated bee fact 15 to use a photo that shows corbicula
  • Updated reload resources debug shortcut to trigger reloading of beepedia facts
  • Updated music gap to be shorter
  • Updated chat help to group commands that call the same function on the same line
  • Updated chat message speech bubble to be wider
  • Updated IRCHandler.handle_message to increase chat bee lifespan regardless of whether message was handled if chat_bee_life_mode is set to CHAT_ACTIVITY
  • Updated chat dev names to include Aubrey's new channel name
  • Updated IRCHHandler.process_message() to fall back to user commands when dev commands aren't found
  • Updated IRCHandler dev chat shortcut to include a space
  • Updated IRCHandler.addCongaBee() to have a 50% chance of adding old Queens to the conga line
  • Updated tester credits
  • Updated supporter credits
  • Updated hud font to use filtering
  • Updated beepedia fact lists to remain unsorted and use a shuffled reference list
  • Updated new research notification to clear research notification states when closing manually
  • Updated foraging select mode text to mention map rooms giving zone allocations
  • Updated zoom_to_cell effect to not zoom in if existing zoom is above 25
  • Optimised next_queen_hat substitution slightly
  • Refactored beepedia fact loading
  • Refactored chat user allocation check to use IRCHandler.getBee()
  • Refactored effectAttachment setup in bee
  • Refactored bee rotation and animation processing into bee.look_at_target()
  • Refactored bee fact UI into its own scene
  • Removed redundant multiplication by 1 in cell's construction progress calculation
  • Removed unused special fact test image
  • Removed some extraneous logging
  • Fixed typo in tutorial activity details
  • Fixed bad reference URL for butterfly fact 3
  • Fixed crash when becoming conga head when target is null
  • Fixed HUD button cluster not being centred when chat integration effect widget is visible
  • Fixed chat instructions referring to freenode rather than
  • Fixed errors when rotating to face follow target with length of zero
  • Fixed possible crash when calling IRCHandler.free_user() on a dev bee
  • Fixed case where chat bees could appear without idle animation
  • Fixed bee fact title text not having whole-pixel position
  • Fixed first beepedia fact list shuffle not being randomised properly
  • Fixed welcome topic being shown twice when opening beepedia
  • Fixed case where newly imported bees would not have game set
  • Fixed case where preinstanced bee would not have game set
  • Fixed non-upgraded builder efficiency being reduced to zero with -1 efficiency offset could result in blocking research progress
  • Fixed possible bad calculation of beesitter labour with negative efficiency offsets
  • Fixed worker construction using builder efficiency offsets
  • Fixed another_name substitutions not showing chat/dev icons
  • Fixed destroy_cell_type_punch and destroy_cell_type_punch_multiplier always referencing the first cell type if multiple cell types have been destroyed
  • Fixed worker hold toggle icon not being reset when all nurseries have been destroyed