Hive Time

v1.2-100 changelog

Buzz buzz, and welcome to 2022!

Today's patch contains a number of miscellaneous fixes and tweaks, most notably addressing a possible crash when trying to look at the activity notification for a new Queen's decree effects.

I've also finally gotten around to making the game automatically back up saves before overwriting, and there's a minor engine upgrade as well.


Full changelog:

  • Upgraded to Godot 3.4.2
  • Added dim for main menu and binder confirmation/information popups
  • Added unused efficiency_offset effect processing to apply_effect() for creating activity notifications
  • Added hidden config options for window_res_x and window_res_y
  • Added debugging output to Game::save_game() and Game::get_save_data()
  • Added 'Loading' text to splash screen
  • Updated Game::save_game() to back up existing save before writing
  • Updated binder conflict popup to play error sound
  • Updated get_queen_effects() to consolidate overlapping effects for non-decree effects
  • Updated tester credits
  • Optimised RadialMenuItem::try_action() slightly
  • Fixed crash when mousing over an activity notification that doesn't have a valid detailsInstance
  • Fixed processing of lifespan_multiplier and lifespan_offset effects affecting multiple roles resulting in activity notifications without valid detailsInstances
  • Fixed portrait list not being tidied on load
  • Fixed typo in 'Biding time' vignette
  • Fixed redundant building requirements checks when selecting a build category or destroying cells